Thursday, September 8, 2011

City based services

I did some digging and found the adaptive recreational parks and recreation sites and contact information.  Turns out, as far as I know, the only cities that have adaptive recreational activities is Surprise, Peoria and Glendale.  I was surprised when they didn't mention the east valley.  I am sure there is stuff over there and as I find it I will post it.  I will make a post about each city, their contact information and the current information I have about their program.  I love the programs that are offered, though there is usually a minimal cost.

These adaptive programs are just like the normal programs cities offer just adaptive to fit the needs or children that have needs that are special.  It is great for parents and caretakers to go and watch/participate in activities with your children that they might not get to do normally.  It is also a great way for families to connect with one an other, to network and build friendships.

This is one place that you can go to where your child is not the "different one".  Not only is he not the "different one" but the program is built around him/her.  He/she is the star.  And please read all the posts in the different cities about their adaptive programs because if a different city offers something you think you and your child would be interested in you are allowed to attend.  Do not think that the city boundaries mean people in other cities can not attend. 

Any additional information that you might know about that I have not posted but can help other families please post the information in the forum.  You can enter the form by clicking here.

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