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Hello everybody! My name is Robert Smith. I graduated with my B.S. from ASU (Arizona State University) in Communication Sciences and Disorders and focused on work for the following year then was accepted into the summers only NAU (Norther Arizona University) Masters degree program in the same field.

 I live in Arizona (USA) and work full time providing clinically based speech services.  I have been working with the special needs population for over 6 years now and in speech specifically for a little over 3 years now.  It is there I realized that parents often struggled and didn't know what to do or where to turn to and my idea for a blog was conceived.  I realized that all the information was available but not very easy to find.  My goal is to make the search for knowledge about how they can help their child a little shorter.  My intention is to centralize much of the information to promote knowledge and parental unity.

I derive much of what I say here through personal experience, and I like to be as efficient as possible so when I post information on a subject I will explain it how I know it to be true.  This is kind of a disclaimer because policies do change, know that I am not an authority on many of the manners that will be discussed though have some experience in most of what will be posted.

I envision this blog starting out with "basic" information and with time branching off into the other therapeutic domains by having guest authors post about subjects in their field.  Right now it is speech therapy based but if things continue the way I would like then this site will be a true one stop shop to gather information on all types of therapies and the questions that follow.  I also envision parents asking questions on the blogs forum and other parents responding to the questions helping out one another, uniting and creating a self sustaining support group for everyone that would like to participate.

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