Sunday, September 4, 2011

What is a Support Coordinator (SC)

What is a support coordinator and what is their purpose?   A support coordinator is what the name implies they are to coordinate support.  All to often however this is not the case, they often can be more of a hindrance than a support.  I do want to say that it is not entirely their fault (they are often overworked) and because of this it is important to send them frequent reminders of things that they said they were going to do.
These people are government issues workers sent to manage a case load of individuals with special needs.  They do not only monitor their current developmental levels and report it they are there to inform the parents of other services that your child could possibly benefit.
Listed below are the "Do's" of a support coordinator
  • problem solve with the parents of current needs
  • discuss how these needs can be met
  • make a plan on how these needs will be met
Listed below are the "Don'ts" or "are not supposed to" of a support coordinator
  • Show up late (that is not within reason)
  • Spend the first half hour recapping the last visit and the next half hour discussing things they should know about your child.
  • find excuses not to provide services for your child.  They should be advocating for your child not against.  Unless the request is legitimately not appropriate.
A few tips to know whither or not you should keep your support coordinator if they:
  • Provide suggestions of possible services
  • Provide the services that were discussed
  • Ask you how your current services are doing
  • Keep you (the parent) updated on the status of requests
  • Come to their meetings every 3 months (like they are supposed to)
  • In general care about the parents and realize that they are new to the processes and help them along.
  • If they are hindering more than helping then call their supervisor and request a new one.
Remember these support coordinators are to coordinate support and if they are not doing so than they are wasting everybody's time most importantly your child's.

Common services that are provided through the government that you must ask your support coordinator are listed here.

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