Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Holland

Many of you are likely familiar with Emily Perl Kingsley's amazing essay, Welcome to Holland in which she writes about her journey as a mother of a child with a disability. Today's guest blogger, Jess from Diary of a Mom, adores the essay but says that it doesn't always tell the whole story. 
Jess says, "I have to acknowledge that the beauty of this life doesn’t exist without pain. BUT, neither does the pain exist without some beauty.”
The following is from Jess's post, My Holland, originally posted on Hopeful Parents, Oct, 2010. 
There are the days that I wouldn’t trade Holland for the world
The days that I stand in awe of the windmills’ quaint majesty
And marvel at the overwhelming beauty of the tulip fields
There are the days that I scoff at Italy
The days that I feel downright sorry for those who have never been to Holland
Never wondered at the beauty created by Rembrandt’s brush
What they are missing here, I tell myself
Poor souls!
How much richer they’d be for a visit someday
For a walk in these wooden shoes
And then there are the days that I look more closely at the Dutch landscape
The days that I see past the tulip fields to the mothers wringing their hands, waiting – always waiting
... Continued HERE 

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