Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Developmental preschool

A common issue I find with my parents or friends that I have first notice there is an issue with their child.  Many times it is grandparents that will alert the parents because if this is their first child then they don't know how children are supposed to develop (they have no frame of reference).  So they notice the issue, are concerned but what do they do.  They think their child would benefit from preschool but can not afford the services.  If this fits your description you came to the right place.
  • Think your child is developing different than his friends?
  • Is your child about 3 years old?
  • Call your local school district and ask to have him screened (key words when talking to the school district is "developmental preschool").  The best time to have your child screened/evaluated is 3-4 months before they are 3 to allow time to be screened/evaluated and for the text results to return.
  • Areas the screen normally assesses
    • Physical
    • Gross/Fine motor
      • Jumping/holding a pencil
    • Speech
  • Depending on how he does on the screening he/she will be evaluated
  • Different test date is marked to be evaluated
  • Evaluation is longer than the screening and is just a more in depth assessment of usually the same areas of the screening though if there was nothing warranting, say gross motor then maybe they won't evaluate that.
  • After the evaluation the team has 60 days to score and decide whither or not he/she qualifies
  • If he/she does qualify then they may start preschool, if not then they will have to wait until kindergarten to attend (unless you want to pay for preschool)
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