Friday, September 4, 2015

Blog introduction

This blog is dedicated to all parents that have children with special needs; specifically those parents who have a child/children who has recently been diagnosed with special needs.  It has been my personal experience working with parents of recently diagnosed child/children who inspired me to write this blog.  Many parents don’t know where or who to turn to for help when their children are first diagnosed.  When a situation like this arises people often turn to friends in similar situations for help, but what if you don’t have any friends in the same situation?

Do you or a friend of yours have a child with special needs and feel that there has to be help out there but don't know where or how to find it?  Then this maybe the site for you.  Aside from providing parents with general information I want parents to come here to converse, to share experiences, to specifically ask me questions.  I may not know the answer to all of the questions; however I am determined to use all of my resources to find the best solution possible for your individual needs.  The question isn't "does help exist?" its "what help exists and how can I get it?”

I directly help parents and provide them with information a daily basis. The goal of this blog is to provide parents with a simple to understand format and that is the goal of this blog.  This blog is meant to serve as a guide for parents with special needs and designed to help parents effectively navigate "the system" by empowering parents with information.  That is why the blog is entitled the Special Needs Hidden Handbook (snhiddenhandbook).

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