Friday, October 7, 2011

Community Calendar

Please everyone come check out the community calendar that I've started by clicking here. The link will be on this page and also as a tab at the top of the blog labeled "Calendar". I figured out a way that anyone (with a gmail account) can add to the calendar.  Feel free to follow the link to add events yourself by clicking here  If you do not have a calendar than please email me at and tell me the information about the event (please be as thorough as possible so parents will be able to take advantage of the event like the location and times) and I will be glad to add it to the calendar. I want this to be a community calendar, one that families can look at and know what different activities the community has to offer. There are often many activities available just not many people know about them and that is something I want to fix.  I have posted about a few of the lesser known community activities like the sensory friendly films or Special Olympics.

This calendar is a work in progress and doesn't have many activities up on it, though with time, and everyone's help I am hoping that will change.

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